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Not Your Grandmother’s Community College

In your grandmother’s day, or possibly even in your parent’s day, manufacturing jobs were popular and paid a good living with benefits. Community Colleges offered a way to earn credits that could transfer to four-year colleges or programs to train for a few different...

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Raise Your Math ACT Score

You now need to score at least a 22 on the math portion of the ACT to enroll in many college programs—including community colleges. You can do this with some basic math and algebra skills. In the 21st century, basic math and algebra skills are not just necessary for...

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It's FAFSA time!  Help your students fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Here is the Department of Educations blog about the 2019-2010 FAFSA.  It has several helpful links: Who...

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NC Math Placement Law

Students Who Score Level 5 MUST be Placed in Advanced Classes—It’s the Law! Did you know that, by law (SL 218-32; HB 986), students who score a level 5 on their End-of-Grade (EOG) or End-of-Course (EOC) tests must be placed in an advanced course the following school...

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