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Data Management for Federal and State Funded Programs

For nearly three decades, Edstar Analytics has managed the data and given digestible analysis for many state and federally funded programs.

Your Program Data and How it is Reported is Vital

We understand the importance of data storage and management and how it aligns with the results a program must produce to increase or continue funding.

Data management for state and federally funded educational grant programs is under immense transparency pressure. Whether you need to do strategic planning or prepare for an audit, we will have you prepared and compliant with all of your grant standards.

At Edstar Analytics we manage, securely host, and produce digestible reports for critical program data. We partner with your program to track and organize all of your digital records so that you can produce measured results on grantee’s progress and the effectiveness of a program.

Data Analysis and Reporting

We produce quantitative and qualitative information for reporting and continuity. We evaluate the data to determine the effectiveness of grantee programs from a financial and programmatic perspective.

Secure Data Hosting

WhooshData is the Edstar Analytics solution to secure data management. We have highly secure servers with 256 bit SSL full end to end encryption. Program users are given access to a secure website where they can submit records electronically for our teams to process and organize. Your teams can do this from a desktop, laptop, tablets, or mobile devices.