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Digital Capacity Building

We will build your school or district a website and teach you how to use it to build digital capacity.  We can help you create a digital learning library.  We will customize interactive forms for creating lesson plans that incorporate digital resources for personalized learning. These lesson plans then be organized into a searchable table of resources on the website.  We are able integrate the systems you are already using for distributing lessons to teachers. We will make it easy for all stakeholders: teachers, content creators, and technology administrators to use.


We will host your website and take care of all technical aspects.

General Principles

We provide high level links to standards, unpacking documents, assessment resources, and digital resources. Using high level links supports building digital competencies of the staff as they learn to dig deeper to find what is relevant. Rather then create big filing cabinets for 20th century resources, we build websites that promote building and using 21st century resources.

Our technical team is called Sparc37.

Planning for Growth

We design your website with growth in mind, so that it stays organized and easy to find things.  We also design so that you don’t end up with hundreds of dead links.  We know that external links change. Also, new and better digital resources are often created or discovered and you will want to add them. And, as your content creators learn to use the website, they will create additional resources and lesson plans that need to be added to the digital lesson-plan library.


The goals of the website are to support digital-capacity building, create an organized library of lesson plans, and provide links to critical resources.

Website Design

The website is designed to fit the needs of different stakeholders: the teacher, the content creators, and technology administrators.  The teachers will be able to easily find resources and lesson plans.  Your content creators will be able to use the website to create lesson plans that incorporate digital resources.  And, your technology administrators will be able to easily manage the growth of the website.  (You also have the option of having us manage the website for you.)

Website Design Structure

restrict content by role


Find and download Unit Plans, Rubrics, Lessons.

Use links to State Standards.

Use links to online resources, assessments.

Content Creators

Use links to high level standards, assessments, and online resources to create content.

Use Forms to create Lesson Resources

Give Lesson Resources to administrators to add to the site


Upload new lessons and link into tables (pages update automatically then.)

Can edit lessons in Gravity Forms, Create new data collection forms, download index of lessons, tables of Units, etc. for inventory

Backups of all files

Examples of our work

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