Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Transforming organizational potential into success.

Our Approach to Technical Assistance

Edstar Analytics shapes the future of organizations through bespoke technical assistance. Our strategy is meticulously crafted to enhance and empower, focusing on cultivating capacity, knowledge, and advanced skills.

Tailored Assessments for Tailored Solutions

Our tailored assessments comprehensively evaluate key areas such as an organization’s understanding of relevant data, experience with grant writing, proficiency in technology skills, and importantly, the need for change management. This includes assessing the extent to which conceptual shifts are necessary, particularly when existing beliefs and practices are not grounded in data and research-driven processes. Our approach ensures a holistic understanding of each organization’s strengths, areas for growth, and the readiness to embrace necessary changes for improvement.

Foundation Building and Alignment

We assist organizations in harmonizing their core beliefs, vision, and mission with insightful data analysis, laying a robust foundation for informed decision-making and strategic success.  We offer customized resources to facilitate collaborative reviews of your organization’s vision and mission.

Digital Capacity Building

At Edstar Analytics, we excel in crafting custom content management systems (CMS) specifically for educational settings, enhancing both accessibility and operational efficiency. Our comprehensive digital solutions encompass website hosting, management, and the development of intuitive digital/document libraries, essential for integrating digital resources in lesson planning. Key features include ADA compliance, streamlined navigation, Google Analytics, SSL certification, and SEO optimization. We’re committed to supporting educators with tools for data-driven service alignment, efficient transcript auditing, and effective curriculum management. Our user-friendly website designs prioritize the needs of teachers and administrators, ensuring ease of use, data security, and adaptability to the evolving digital landscape.

We offer customized resources to facilitate collaborative reviews of your organization’s vision and mission. Explore these sample exercises to experience how we can help refine and align your core objectives.