These short lessons are designed to fill in the gaps in understanding of basic mathematical concepts that many very intelligent people missed.  The topics covered here were identified in a multi-year research study of students enrolled in college algebra and students being tutored for post-secondary high-stakes math tests.  The study found that straightforward explanations of these concepts along with concrete examples resulted in a greater than 90% pass rate.  Additionally, some students went on to be successful in majors that required several college-level math classes.

These lessons are designed to be done in order.  Even if you think you understand a topic, watch the video anyway because it may show you a new way to look at a topic that makes other things easier.  If you are studying for a high-stakes test, take practice tests as you watch these videos.

1. Basics of Negative NumbersThis lesson explains how to add and subtract with negative numbers in a way that will make things to come make more sense.
2. Multiplication of FractionsThis lesson reviews multiplying fractions. This lays the groundwork for other basic concepts that follow. You may see things in a different, simpler way after viewing this series.
3. Using Properties to Make Things EasierThis lesson reviews the properties of algebra and how to use them to solve equations.
4. Fixing Foundational ConfusionThis lesson looks at foundational beliefs that may cause confusion in math. A more fool-proof way to use order-of-operations is provided.
5. Example: Order of OperationsThis lesson shows how to simplify an expression using order of operations. We show how to simplify problems in ways that reduce the chance of error.
6. Factors and MultiplesThis lesson explains how to find factors and multiples of numbers.
7. ExponentsThis lesson reviews how to work with exponents, and explains what they mean so that you can remember the rules of dealing with them.
8. Example Problems From High-Stakes TestsIn this lesson, example problems from the McGraw-Hill practice ACT test are worked and explained.
9. Pythagorean TheoremThis lesson reviews the Pythagorean Theorem and how to use it.
10. PercentsThis lesson shows how percent relates to fractions and decimals. A percent is an equivalent fraction, with 100 as the denominator.
11. Review of Percents to Prepare for Word ProblemsThis lesson reviews some math concepts that you should already know, but may not think of and this will help make solving percent word problems easier.
12. Percent Word ProblemsThis lesson explains how to think about and solve percent word problems. It recommends Khan Academy lessons to use to practice.
13. Number SenseThis video reviews underlying assumptions that students often don't realize are unique to specific number types.
14. Solving EquationsThis lesson reviews how to solve linear equations and walks through a couple of examples.
15. Examples Worked 1This lesson walks through a percent word problem from the ETS Praxis Practice Math test.