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Breaking Education Barriers with Data

Customizing Capacity Building and Program Evaluation

EDSTAR Analytics, Inc. will customize capacity-building resources for individual program by doing the following


Review Activities that Program Leadership Wants to Promote

  • We will review the activities that the program director and staff know are being provided, or want to promote.
  • We will classify these activities by GEAR UP service category and create SHIFT! Kit service cards with these activities.
  • The interactive work plan will be customized to include these activities under specified GEAR UP categories. (More can be added.)
  • We will learn what program components influence budgeting, so that appropriate detail can be collected in the work plans.


  • We will review the types of student data that are available and determine what is appropriate for benchmarks and how to use the data to interpret student needs.
  • We will document the Minimum Admissions Requirements for the state’s university system because these will be important in determining benchmarks.
  • We will document whether the state’s community college system has Minimum Admission Requirements to enter degree or certificate programs. (If so, these influence relevant benchmarks.)

Interpreting relevant data

  • We will review relevant data needed for program evaluation and how to interpret it. For example, how to identify rigorous courses in the data. (In many states, a digit of the course codes may indicate whether a course is remedial, standard, or advanced. Some states use completely different course numbers, etc.)
  • We will review state policies relevant to program goals, and to interpreting outcomes. For examples, in some states, students who graduate from high school qualify for enrollment in state colleges or community college programs. In others, high school graduation standards are well below community college certificate program admission requirements, etc.

Data collection forms

  • We will create data collection forms that are easy to use, consistent with the language of the work plans, which are consistent the GEAR UP service categories, and these will be consistent with the data-base you are using.


Planning Resources

We have kits with resources like the following along with online professional development, all of these can be customized for any state’s data and services.

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