We have been evaluating Department of Education grants, including GEAR UP Partnership grants since 2000, and Statewide NC GEAR UP since 2015.

Edstar has created a system of resources for GEAR UP evaluation.  Dr. Janet Johnson’s
GEAR UP experience includes serving on: Data and Service Quality Committee, Research and Evaluation Committee, as a representative for the Executive Committee for the National College and Career Readiness Evaluation
Consortium (CCREC) Evaluation and Research Committee for CCREC 2.0.

Reporting Outcomes

We provide the information needed for the Annual Performance Report and help complete it.  We create infographics, data-dashboards, and presentations for school districts and program staff to share with their stake holders.  The following is an example of a service report that compares numbers from work-plans with actual service numbers and other metrics. We provide these periodically throughout the year for formative feedback for the Program Director to use with schools.

Service Reports Provide Formative Feedback

Customized Data Collection Resources

We create forms for schools to use for keeping records of services.  Staff who serve the students use these forms to record the information needed for the Annual Performance Report, for research on best practices, and for fiscal accountability. We host these forms on a website that the school staffs access.  The site contains short video tutorials for how to complete each form.

Tutoring Sign In Sheets 2018-19

Click here for a sample of our tutorial for the Tutoring Service Sign-in Sheet.

Weekly Reports for Service Monitoring

We log the sign-in sheets into our custom system and use the database to create an interactive report that shows how many services of each type have been delivered in any time period. Enter different time periods.

Documentation for Fiscal Accountability

The database created from logging the activity sign-in sheets can be used for fiscal accountability.  We save and file each sign-in sheet with a unique ID that ties it to this log. The Program Manager than has easy to use efficient records for fiscal accountability.

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