NC State Board of Education Policy Summaries

We have reviewed several years of NC State Board of Education (SBE) policies, and created the following summaries. The summaries can be downloaded as documents by clicking the title.  Each document contains a brief summary, a summary of any relevant legislation related to the policy, and links to relevant SBE, DPI, or legislative documents.  We have rated each policy on a scale of 1-5, using our judgement gained from working with school systems.  You can search on tags that we assigned to each.

This link is to education legislation nation-wide.

YearMonthRankingTagsClick for Summary Document
2019August4Other: Strategic PlanStrategic Plan
2019January4Graduation, HealthUpdates to Policy GRAD-004
2019January4ELARead to Acheive
2019February3Math, Social Studies, GraduationUpdates to Policy GRAD-008: Added IB and AP courses
2019April4Teacher LicensureTeacher Certification
2018January3Personnel, Teacher LicensureTeacher Preparation Policy Updates
2018February2Personnel, Administrator Licensure, PrincipalsSchool Administrator Preparation Programs
2018April5Personnel, Teacher Licensure, Administrator Licensure, Tests for teachers, PrincipalsChange in CTE license requirements; AIG Add-on Licensure
2018May3Personnel, Teacher Licensure, Administrator Licensure, Principals Experience/Degree Credit for Salary Purposes
2018May4Personnel, Teacher LicensureBeginning Teacher Support Program
2018June4Personnel, Teacher LicensureLicensure testing Requirements
2018June3OtherDriver Training Requirements
2018June5Math, EOGs, EOCs, Principals, Guidance and SupportEnrollment in advanced mathematics
2018June4Graduation, Alternative SchoolCourse for Credit Policy - LEA Policies and Proceduress
2018June4AIGNC AIG Program Standards
2018June4Homeless, HRDispute Resolution Process for Homeless Students
2018July5Personnel, Teacher Licensure, Tests for teachersTeacher Tests requirements
2018August4Reporting, Alternative SchoolAlternative Schools' Accountability Models
2018August5ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Reporting, Alternative SchoolChanges that align NC with ESSA requirements
2018November2HR, School PsychologistsGeneral Licensure Requirements
2018December4GraduationCollege Credit for AP Exam Scores
2018December4ELA, Math, GraduationCollege Developmental Reading & Mathematics
2017April3Guidance and Support, HealthSchool-Based Mental Health Initiative
2017June2ELA, Math, Science, GraduationAdvanced Courses Satisfying Graduation Requirements
2017July3Math, Social Studies, Graduation State Graduation Requirements-Social Studies and Math
2017September3Personnel, Teacher Licensure Evaluation Standards and Criteria: Teacher Leadership Specialist
2017September3Personnel, Teacher LicensureEvaluation Standards and Criteria: Career Development Coordinator
2017September4ELA, Math, Science, Social StudiesCourse for Credit Policy
2016April5ELA, Math, GraduationCareer and College Ready: math and English remediation
2016July2GraduationSpecial High School Diplomas for Veterans
2016September4ReportingStudents at risk of academic failure
2016December3Healthy Active Children
2015April3Athletic Trainers
2015July2 Concussion Safety-Interscholastic Athletics
2015September3Graduation, ReportingDropouts Referral Process
2015October3Graduation, Reporting, Health CPR course
2015October4Return to Learn After Concussion
2015November3PersonnelAmendments to Healthy Youth Act Curriculum
2014October5Graduation, ReportingGrading Scale
2013July2ScienceScience Safety Checklist
2013August4ELA, MathEvaluation Standards for School Counselors
2013October4Guidance and SupportEvaluation Standards for School Counselors