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Rethinking Education: A Journey from Historical Practices to Data Empowerment

This insightful book delves into the significant shifts within educational paradigms by examining the evolving role of cultural, technological, and policy changes in shaping schooling. It traces the journey from a fixed to a growth mindset and discusses how data has transformed educational strategies, particularly emphasizing the role of mathematics education and access to rigorous coursework. By analyzing past practices, it provides a contextual understanding of current educational standards and strategies tailored to North Carolina. This narrative explores how federal funding influences educational policies and practices, making it an essential resource for North Carolina educators aiming to navigate the complexities of modern education effectively.

Empowered Advocacy: Navigating Education and Opportunity in North Carolina

A Guide for Parents of High Schoolers to Maximizing Learning and Future Success

In “Empowered Advocacy: Navigating Education and Opportunity in North Carolina,” parents are guided through their high school children’s educational landscape. This concise book decodes complex educational data, offering parents insights into test results and reducing intimidation from data-heavy discussions with educators.

The book delves into high school math course options, clarifying the differences between advanced, standard, and remedial courses. It equips parents to advocate for appropriate math placement for their children.

It also discusses legislation affecting math education, focusing on North Carolina, to help parents ensure their children have access to advanced courses. Dr. Lee Stiff’s perspective challenges the outdated idea that only certain students excel in math, advocating for equitable access to rigorous math education.

Additionally, the book explains key differences between high school graduation requirements and college admission criteria, stressing the importance of strong math skills for various community college career paths.

“Empowered Advocacy” is a valuable resource for parents, providing a clear understanding of educational data and encouraging them to actively engage in their children’s academic journey.

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We have nearly three decades of experience helping the education sector with funded programs.

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Case Study

Edstar Analytics worked with the School Improvement Team at Wake Forest Roseville Middle to help them use data.

Case Study

Dropout Prevention – Why ASCA National Model Foundation is Important

Case Study

Edstar Analytics Success Stories Presentation: Five Examples of Impact from Decades of Our Experience