Digital Capacity Building

Our technical experts can create a content management system (cms) customized for your school that can help you reach your goals for readiness and access.


We will host your website and take care of all technical aspects.

General Principles

We can help you create a document or digital library.  We can include customized form creation ability that results in documents and a database of the information submitted to create the forms.  For schools, we can customize interactive forms for creating lesson plans that incorporate digital resources for personalized learning. These lesson plans can then be organized into a searchable table of resources on the website.  Non-technical staff will easily be able to update the website.

The website can have the following features:

  • ADA‐Compliant–Site is compliant with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Archive Center/Document Library – documents can easily be posted and accessed on the site, and can be stored in a searchable format.
  • Calendars
  • Quick Links – Shortcut navigation options throughout the site for easy access to the most important information.
  • Site Statistics –Google Analytics tracking code
  • SSL Certificate – Website has a valid SSL certificate.
  • Maximizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Learn to use data to align services and to increase students’ readiness for post-secondary life. We can electronically audit transcripts to identify whether students are on track to graduate on time and prepared for their aspirations.

Curriculum Management

We can create custom tools for your school.

  • Organize curriculum resources into an easy to use framework
  • Standardized lesson plan creator
  • Lesson plan sharing library

Planning for Growth

We design your website with growth in mind, so that it stays organized and easy to find things.  We also design so that you don’t end up with hundreds of dead links.  We know that external links change. Also, new and better digital resources are often created or discovered and you will want to add them. And, as your content creators learn to use the website, they will create additional resources and lesson plans that need to be added to the digital lesson-plan library.

Paperless Forms

  • Data Integrity
  • Steamline Reporting
  • Mobile Ready

Website Design

The website is designed to fit the needs of different stakeholders: the teacher, the content creators, and technology administrators.  The teachers will be able to easily find resources and lesson plans.  Your content creators will be able to use the website to create lesson plans that incorporate digital resources.  And, your technology administrators will be able to easily manage the growth of the website.  (You also have the option of having us manage the website for you.)

Examples Of Our Work