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Survey for PD

  • SA=Strongly agree, A=Agree, N=Neutral, D=Disagree, SD=Strongly disagree
    Demonstrate leadership
    Establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students
    Know the content they teach
    Facilitate learning for students
    Reflect on practice
  • Very valuableValuableNeutralSomewhat valuableNot valuable
    Understanding students' prior knowledge
    Planing instruction based on students' prior knowledge
    Presenting information more than one way
    Collaborating with other teachers to plan a lesson
    Communicating expectations to students
    Eliciting explanations from students
    Helping students assess their own learning
    Making mathematics relevant and engaging
    leading discussions of math concepts among students
    helping struggling students without watering down a rich lesson
    Making myself available as a resource to my colleagues
    My personal understanding of the mathematics