Edstar Analytics is a consulting, research, and capacity-building agency that works with educators and non-profits to reform the status quo. We have successfully helped schools close achievement gaps, and helped educators lead students to embrace 21st-century career challenges. We have worked with K-12 public schools, universities, and non-profits.

Although our original mission was evaluating grant-funded programs, through the years, we began to notice the differences in programs that worked and those that faltered. Doing program evaluations gave us insight into the components of programs that improved student achievement or supported success toward other goals. We knew we could pass this knowledge onto our clients to help them optimize their programs to help their students.

We continue to offer our services as evaluators, but we have expanded into the capacity-building business, because we know what works. We provide resources agencies can use to design programs that target the population that needs services, are aligned with research on best practices, and support progress toward the overall program objectives. We provide capacity-building resources and support for designing the program, writing grant proposals, implementing the programs, and documenting outcomes.

Student doing chemistry experimentAlthough we support many issues relevant to education, we have special expertise in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). We have created three product lines: one to support capacity, support for grants, and an open forum for sharing STEM resources.

We have recently published a book, Testing Matters, to empower parents and anyone who supports students to succeed in school to understand what data tells about what students need.




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